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Unified Collaboration

Ready for Business. From Anywhere.

One Single Platform

Collaborate with your employees and customers from anywhere. The new way to do business. 

Video Conferencing

Don't allow your meeting to get hijacked. Panel offers reliable video conferencing with end-to-end encryption and FULL MEETING TRANSCRIPTION!

Cloud Calling

No more long-distance fees, expensive hardware and lack of portability. Panel's Cloud Calling system is secure and delivers quality calls without compromise.


Communications that create a better experience for customers and more ROI for you. Messaging is direct, immediate and typically read within 15 minutes.


Let the world meet you through your profile in a way that makes it viral. Determine who sees what and how they can connect with you.

Appointment Calendar

Don't lose time in back-and-forth calendar requests. Share open times on your calendar and allow appointments to be scheduled accordingly. No muss no fuss. Just efficient use of time.

Task Management

Run in high gear with project organization and team collaboration.

Contact Manager

Relationship is back! Stay in touch and on point by continual and timely communication when it matters the most.


Turn to-do lists into done lists. Projects and tasks are created, assigned, and reported via cards. This can revolutionize the way teams get it done.


Data is only valuable when it can be both secure and sharable at the same time. Panel offers ease of access but strong security as well.

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Get Started Risk Free

Take the next (FREE!) step into a whole new world of connectivity and collaboration. Panel will help you remove the barriers to progress, growth and revenue. Communications, tasks, and calendars can now all be open and (selectively) shared with colleagues and measured for results. 

Implement YOUR best today!

Collaborate today!

Panel goes beyond communication. It is about making ideas and conversations actionable. Turn a text or email into task or convert the notes from a meeting into a project with actionable details and assigned steps. Marketing plans can be built on-the-fly to meet immediate demands that will put you ahead of the market. 

Leave Nothing to Chance

All in one

No need for coding or bouncing through multiple applications and scores of browsers, but still move to higher levels of efficiency. Business owners will continually state that hope is not a strategy, and we help you by leaving nothing to chance. Workloads, Workflows and the results of your team’s work are visible and completely managed by Panel.

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